Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I register before I have a Midwife?

A: No, you must have a midwife before you can register for the Birth Centre.


Q: My midwife is not from the Lucina Midwives practice, can I birth at the centre?

A: Yes, all registered midwives in the Edmonton area have privileges at the birth centre.


Q: I have paid my birth centre fee, when do I get a receipt?

A: You will be able to view and print off your invoice/receipt for payments as they are received. However, due to the potential for refund, we cannot issue an official receipt until after you have used the birth centre or confirmed cancellation. All invoices/receipts will be sent by email.


Q: What should I bring?

A: Bring a change of clothing, toiletries, and any items that may help you to feel at home during labour. We ask that no candles or scents be used in the birth rooms, but you are welcome to play music or mediations. You must also bring everything that you want to take your baby home in. This should include clothing, receiving blankets, heavier blankets, and a car seat ready and installed.


Q. What food and beverages will be provided?

A. Your midwife will be able to provide water, juice, tea and/or coffee for you and those attending your birth. A meal for mom and birth partner will also be provided after the birth. If you have noted any dietary restrictions on the registration form, this will be taken into account. Please feel free to bring whatever additional food or beverages you feel may be needed.


Q: Who can attend the birth?

A: Family, friends, doulas and photographers are welcome to attend your birth. Please attend one of our info nights to see our birth rooms and discuss your plans with your midwife, as the size of our rooms and your midwife’s input will help to inform your plans. If you are planning to have a photographer at your birth, please make sure to discuss this in advance with your midwife as some midwives will not consent to appear in photographs and your photographer should be prepared to accommodate this.


Q: How long do I stay at the birth centre?

A: Once your baby is born, you and your midwife will decide when it is safe and appropriate for you to go home. On average, families stay for 3-4 hours after delivery. During this time your midwife will also prepare a meal for you and your partner to help replenish your energy and celebrate your new arrival.


Q: Can family come visit me at the birth centre when the baby is born?

A: While you are welcome to receive visitors at the birth centre, the time that you are at the centre is limited and we recommend that you use this time for relaxing, nursing, and acquainting yourself with your new baby.


Q: Who do I call when I go into labour?

A: Call your on-call midwife as per her instructions, she will meet you at the birth centre and will be able to let you in. You do not have to call the birth centre before coming in.


Q: How do I know a room will be available when I come in?

A: We limit the number and distribution of registrants each month to safeguard the likelihood that a birth room will be available for you. In much the same way as the location of a planned hospital birth is subject to the availability of beds, we cannot guarantee that a birth room will be available. In the extremely unlikely event that you arrive at the birth centre to find that neither of our birth rooms or the backup birth room is available, you will unfortunately have to travel home or to hospital to give birth. Your midwife will be able to help you to determine the best course of action. In this extremely unlikely event, you will be offered a refund of $425 +GST.


Q: Is epidural available at the birth centre?

A: No, the birth centre aims to support and provide an environment for natural birth. There are no anesthesiologists or obstetricians in the building. Please speak to your midwife about natural pain management tools and techniques, such as water birth, which are available at the birth centre. If during labour, the desire or need for additional medical intervention arises, your midwife will arrange a transfer into hospital.


Q: Can I have a vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC) at the Lucina Birth Centre?

A: We’re sorry, but at this time, we are not able to provide for VBACs at the birth centre.


Q: Is the birth centre fee covered by insurance?

A: The Lucina Birth Centre fee may be covered in full or in part by your supplemental health insurance plan. Lucina Birth Centre fees should be included in the same coverage category as a private hospital room. Please check with your health insurance provider to see if they will cover your fees.



If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Upcoming Events at the Lucina Centre

Pregnancy to Parenting 1 day Prenatal Workshop.  Watch for new classes coming soon!  A one day prenatal course facilitated by experienced perinatal nurses.  For more information contact Susan at or

Nurture Her Birth Better Class: Physical Preparation for Birth and Beyond:  Sept. 24 12:30-5:30pm  Learn skills to build a better birth.  Partners also learn hands-on skills and lots of tools to help a birthing mama.  Taught by Mandy Rempfer-Kuncio, pelvic health physiotherapist and doula.  Register online: or contact Mandy at or 780-278-2004.

BRINGING BABY HOME WORKSHOP: NOVEMBER 4 & 5 9am-4pm.  An educational program to support couples prepare for life with a new baby which increases the joy of parenting and gives new parents the tools they need to be the best parenting team possible.  Presented by Claire Wilde, M.ED., R.PSYCH.  Contact Claire at:

BREASTFEEDING CLINC:  Mondays 9:30am-12:30pm (by appointment).  Breastfeeding support offered by experienced RNs.  Please email for an appointment: or call (587)986-9295.

DAYS FOR GIRLS Monthly Meeting:  4th Wednesday of the month 6:30-8:30pm.  Fall and Winter Dates starting in September. This non-profit organization helps girls stay in school and retain dignity, giving back important days of their lives.  Most girls in developing countries miss school during their periods; many eventually drop out.  Come help make lovely, high-quality feminine hygiene kits and help end the cycle of poverty by keeping girls in school.  Contact Pat Prendergast 780-466-6448 or

Prenatal Yoga:Thursdays 6:45-8:00pm.  Classes Are Back!  New series starts Sept. 14 and Nov. 2. A 6 prenatal yoga series starting designed to decrease stress, strengthen the major muscles that are active during labour and birth, as well as enhance the connection between mom and baby.  No prior yoga experience is required.  Contact Ashley at to register. $80/session or $145 for both.

Postnatal Mom and Baby Yoga 9:45-11:00am Starting Sept. 14 and Nov. 2:  A 6 week postnatal yoga series for moms and their new additions.  Bond with new baby while restoring and strengthening pelvic floor and abdominal muscles.  For more information and to register contact Ashely at $80/session or $145 for both.

Prenatal Workshop Series Sept. 11- Oct. 2, Nov. 6-27:  A Four Week Prenatal Education Series presented by Certified Doulas/Childbirth Educators. Contact Niko 780-965-6585 or register online at

Mosaic Magazine Mystics Meeting Tuesdays Sept. 12, Dec. 5,  7-9:30pm RSVP Connie at for this month's topic and registration details.

DONA Doula Training in 2017: Oct. 13-15  Contact Suzanne Moquin, Birth Doula Trainer

MEET THE MIDWIFE NIGHT! Lucina Centre will be holding information nights on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm. Group tours of the Lucina Centre will accompany the info sessions. If you are interested in seeing the Centre and learning about midwifery care, the Birth Centre, and wellness services offered at the centre just drop by at 7:30pm, no registration or appointment needed.

Workshop space and meeting room rentals available Now! For more information or to book a room please contact us at